Millie Bobby Brown ‘Brought to Tears’ by Vecna ​​from ‘Stranger Things’ | Entertainment

Millie Bobby Brown was brought to tears at the sight of Vecna ​​in Stranger Things.

Jamie Campbell Bower plays the scary antagonist in the hit Netflix series, and he revealed that 18-year-old Millie was initially afraid of his character.

The 33-year-old actor, who spent eight hours every day in makeup, shared, “They put her in a position where she’s bound. I approached her [as Vecna] and she wept. She did not look at me, and it was clear that she was disgusted with all this.

However, Millie quickly realized that Jamie was hiding under the makeup, and eventually got used to his appearance.

He told Variety: “After she cried and I made it clear that she knew it was me, one of the things she said was, ‘I knew it was you when I smelled the cigarettes.’ because I’m a smoker.”

Meanwhile, Jamie recently admitted to meditating while preparing for his role in Stranger Things.

Actor who previously played Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1″ and “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” explained, “I did a few things. at the beginning of the process. So it’s always been with me on set and where I’ve lived and it’s grown over time.

“Meditation was also a big thing. It was very interesting for me to clear my own space, to allow this rage and resentment to come out.

“I spent quite a lot of time alone, walking around and saying the same thing over and over, looking into the eyes of whoever was next on the mood board.”


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