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Natalie Portman enjoyed working with Taika Waititi on Thor: Love and Thunder.

The Oscar-winning actress has taken on the role of Jane Foster in the new Marvel movie, and Natalie has revealed that she enjoyed working with the 46-year-old director.

Natalie, 41, told HeyUGuys: “Taika is so incredible and he really has his own world. I have never had experience with anyone else like him.

“He demands spontaneity all the time and constantly reminds us that … I mean without saying it directly, but what an incredibly successful, playful job we have. You know, he really makes it his goal every day to make everyone as amazing as possible.”

Earlier this month, Chris Hemsworth thanked Taika for helping transform the Thor franchise.

The Hollywood star suggests that Taika made Thor more humorous as well as more emotionally vulnerable.

Chris, who plays the iconic superhero in the Marvel films, said: “I definitely think since Ragnarok his sense of humor has made him even more kinky and more fun and enjoyable.

“I think the more vulnerable he got over time and the more complex – how susceptible he was to emotional trauma or emotional complications – his mental state wasn’t always at 10… I think people kind of appreciated that. .”

Chris also noticed that Thor is a constantly evolving character.

The actor explained, “From the moment we started in the first film, there have been many versions of the character, and so I was always hopeful… and I think that every time we see him in a film, there is something unique, he has changed. There was something like … unexpected for the character.”


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