Neendoor Kickstarts works to become a model tourist village

After Aymanom and Maravantrut, another village in Kottayam makes its way onto the global tourist map.

Neendoor grama panchayat, with its endless network of canals and agricultural land, has begun to exploit the tourism potential of the area by mapping resources and developing a destination code. The project, which aims to turn the site into a responsible tourism model village in four years, aims to turn the site into a hub for agritourism.

The tourism resources project in the region has already been prepared, and training sessions for the local population and waste management projects will be considered in the next stage. When completed, it aims to create jobs for at least 500 people, both directly and indirectly.

“Story tropes will be implemented that revolve around the history of Nindor farming and its existence as a village since ancient times. A special food street will be created, where the national delicacies of this region will be offered. Several houses, including various tarawadas whose attics are a treasure trove of historical artifacts, including traditional agricultural implements, will also be open to visitors,” says K. Rupesh Kumar, RT Mission Coordinator in Kerala.

The village, he said, is already reporting a massive influx of domestic tourists of late. Adopting responsible practices, which will also include a code of conduct for guests, will help maintain a balance between them and the local community.

In addition to opening new farms and family homes, RT clubs, by attracting the owners of hundreds of vacant houses owned by non-resident Keralites, will be open to provide adequate housing units for visitors.

With this project, Kottayam will have the most RT destinations of any county in the state. The authorities have already implemented projects here in the villages of Kumarakom, Aymanom, Ejumanturut, Arppukkara and Maravanturut.

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