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originally published: 11.06.2022

(SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH) — Indie rock band solar sleepers released their new track “Blemishes” on Rude Records. Colored with a warm halo of ’90s alternative rock nostalgia, the new track takes memories of the end of a relationship and turns them into mindfulness lessons.

“‘Blemishes’ is about the slow destruction of a deeply important friendship as well as accepting the end of a relationship,” shares vocalist Jeffrey Mudgett. “The freedom to let go of a toxic relationship is undervalued. Sometimes there is no need to mourn the end, but to celebrate the release of this toxicity.”

“Blemishes” follows the release of previous tracks “Currents” and “In The Clouds”. Both tracks, filled with the spirit of alternative rock of the 90s, wrap moments with nostalgia and the power of dreams. The tracks have been featured in Ones To Watch, Hot Topic, Loudwire, Atwood Magazine and other notable publications.

Sunsleeper were halfway through their touring cycle in support of their debut album when the pandemic brought live music to a halt. For Salt Lake City indie rockers, this pause has allowed them to rethink what their path as musicians and people inspires them to create and say. Formed in 2016 and quickly released their debut EP Stay the Same, produced by Nathan Hussey, the band entered the studio to record their debut album, signing to Rude Records. You can miss something and not want it back in the summer of 2019 when the band celebrated it with runs featuring their staff and friends at All Get Out, an Audiotree live session and, most recently, a run with TWIABP and Bent Knee in the fall of 2021. . While the pandemic still rages on in uncertain terms, the Sunsleeper proved to be more united than ever on their second LP, with their proven line-up working together and with common goals. The band even took the time to use pandemic themes to rework Mac Miller’s “Come Back to Earth”, emphasizing the track’s balance between introspection and hopelessness. (The Sunsleeper on this recording is vocalist/guitarist Jeffrey Mudgett, guitarist Matt Mascarenas, guitarist Cody Kapener, bassist Jacob Lara, and drummer Scott Schilling.)

Photo Credit: Megan Mudgett

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