New travel advice for Tijuana and Rosarito

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — “No matter where you go, it’s just a good idea to keep an eye on things,” says Oceanside resident Jennifer Dehoug.

She travels to Tijuana once a week to visit her doctor. Dehoog didn’t seem bothered by the new State Department travel warning.

Officials say US citizens planning to travel to Tijuana and Rosarito, Baja California should reconsider due to crime and kidnapping. These areas are now at the third level, which poses a serious security threat.

“I saw the usual routine of the military police, but nothing unusual for me,” Dehoug added.

Officials say there could be conflict between criminal organizations and Mexican security forces. This came after a prominent cartel leader was arrested on July 2.

While tourists or bystanders may not be targeted, officials say they could be injured or even killed.

“Our state, local and federal governments are doing a good job of keeping the peace,” says Chris Pichardo, owner of Baja Rides & Tours.

Pichardo owns a travel company in Tijuana. He says the tourist areas are safe.

“It is being classified and creating this chaos and panic to go south of the border. Local residents, we go out into the city as usual, without any clashes,” he added.

Luis Guillant, who lives in Chula Vista, tells a different story. He says he doesn’t feel safe in Tijuana.

“No, I would not advise people to go to Tijuana right now,” he added.

Officials also say that if you have to travel to Tijuana, keep a low profile, watch your surroundings, and call 911 in an emergency.


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