Omani operator Nat Geo makes short films to promote tourism

Muscat. Omani photographer Haytham Khamis al Farsi shoots 12 short films to showcase the sultanate’s diverse traditions and huge tourism potential.

Farsi recently joined National Geographic; the first Omani cameraman to work with a widely read magazine.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Farsi said: “I started filming the first of 12 series of films – each lasting between seven and eight minutes – in Ramadan.”

Films produced in collaboration with Zamakan and scheduled for completion within a year will be combined into a documentary called Senyar.

Farsi said that the first film is about the village of Wasal, located high in the mountains of Quriyat province, about 150 km from Muscat. “The village was named Wasal because it connects the interstate roads between the wilayats, which comes from the word ‘vasilah’, which means ‘way’.

Despite its strategic location, Farsi noted, Vassal stands out for its serenity and simplicity. The inhabitants of the village are engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding.

The second film will feature Omani kohl made from shark liver on Masirah Island, South Sharqiya.
“Kol has become part of Omani traditions and customs. Although its primary purpose is cosmetic, it also has medical uses,” said Farsi. “It is believed that if a child is given paint, his vision improves. And that if a woman applies paint in the evening, she wakes up in the morning with big beautiful eyes.

Farsi will travel around the Sultanate to capture the best tourist sites at the best time in terms of natural light.

Of his goal as a photographer, he said, “I aim to promote domestic tourism and showcase the beauty and diversity of Oman to the world through my photographs. This is my contribution to my beloved country.”

Farsi recently photographed the Pink Lakes of the Vilayats of Al Jazeer and Jalan Bani Bu Ali. “The scientific explanation for the pink color is the presence of a type of microalgae known as Dunaliella Salina, which live in highly saline environments.”

National Geographic recently published two photographs of him, one with a green turtle nesting in the Ras al Hadd nature reserve in Sur, and an aerial shot of an iftar at the Sidra Mosque in Jalan Bani Bu Ali, South Sharqiya.

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