Ontario Mountain Tourism Organization launches marketing platform to accelerate recovery of responsible tourism

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BEACHBURG — The Ontario High Mountain Tourism Organization (OHTO) has launched three marketing initiatives to support the recovery and growth of responsible tourism in the region.

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“To say we’ve learned a lot in the past two years is an understatement,” says Nicole Whiting, OHTO’s executive director. “Our tourism sector has faced unprecedented challenges and since the beginning of COVID, our goal has been to take a balanced approach to recovery. The initiatives we are launching today represent the principles of responsible tourism that we have collectively adopted as a region and will provide better opportunities to interact with our visitors and our tourism sector.”

The first initiative includes the release of two new websites. The visitor-focused website will support OHTO’s marketing programs to develop content to promote the tourism experience available in the region, while the industry-focused website will provide a platform to create and support tourism. an Ontario highland community. These websites have a fresh, new look with interactive elements and increased accessibility to improve user experience and support marketing in the region. The development of these websites was made possible by generous funding from Destination Ontario.

A new branding for the Ontario Highlands region has also been developed to better reflect the values ​​and character of OHTO as a direction and organization. Design elements are based on OHTO’s core principles of responsible tourism and capture the essence of the region’s unique landscapes and communities.

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Finally, OHTO will launch a marketing campaign to provide visitors with the opportunity to connect with the region by promoting key pillars of the regional experience.

“We are excited to launch these new initiatives to further support the recovery of our sector through our commitment to responsible mountain tourism in Ontario,” said Julie Mulligan, Chief Marketing Officer, OHTO. “There are deep connections between our visitors, the landscapes and communities of our region, and we are very proud of how these new marketing initiatives will continue to connect those connections.”

To support the success of these initiatives, OHTO has drawn on the experience of The New Business, an Ontario-based marketing agency that knows and loves the Ontario highlands.

“OHTO turned to us to improve their online presence and brand in a way that fosters the sense of connection that underpins the Ontario highlands experience. We are proud of how the brand, emerging industry and visitor-facing websites work together to provide valuable resources for travelers and the travel industry through a user experience that promotes a real sense of belonging and community.” — Matthew Thomas, …

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