Oracabessa in Port Antonio will become an elite tourist area | News

A new tourism development zone is being created from Oracabessa, St. Mary, to Port Antonio, Portland, to serve the island’s upscale visitors.

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett said the zone would bring a “new awakening” to the country’s north coast and follow a village-style tourism model with sophisticated amenities rather than an all-inclusive enclave.

He performed at the welcome ceremony for the first scheduled commercial flight to Ian Fleming International Airport at St. Mary’s from Providenciales, Turks and Caicos on Thursday, June 16.

Bartlett said the airport “will play a key role in [in the zone] because you can bring these wealthy visitors to this place, and in a few minutes they will be in their wonderful villas and beautiful hotels along the coast.

He added: “Having this third international airport gives Jamaica a unique position in the region to be within the hour from any point of entry into the country.”

Bartlett also noted that the Department of Tourism will be promoting the area differently, and is already insisting that high-rise buildings and high-density investments will not be allowed in the area.

He said this new tourism development complements the Port Antonio redevelopment program, which is also expected to breathe new life into the area.


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