Paige DeSorbo shares her packing and travel tips

E!: I would like to know about the packaging logistics for country house. Some come with boxes the first week, like they’re moving out for the whole summer. Then there are other cast members who carry small bags back and forth during each episode. What is your strategy?
PD: The cast is also different for everyone. Some people pack for the whole summer and bring so much in the first weekend. I can’t do it, purely because of anxiety. What if I’m in town and I need a pair of Hampton shoes? I’ll go crazy. I am such a good packer.

I have a second set of hair products, a razor and an extra hair dryer. I also leave some skin care, but I bring the most important things back and forth.

E!: When you fly, do you usually check in your bag or do you prefer to travel with hand luggage?
PD: If it’s been more than three days, I can’t help but check the bag.

E!: What do you take with you on the plane?
PD: When I check in my bag I don’t have hand luggage but I will take a personal bag with my iPad, lip balm and wallet. I hate walking around the airport with a bunch of stuff because it’s a risk if you lose your luggage, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

E!: As an experienced traveler, do you have any hacks we should keep in mind when we stay in hotels?
PD: When I check into a hotel, I ask about two things: is there a steamer in the room and is there an extra coat rack. When I go somewhere, I immediately hang everything. Although most hotels have them. Many people just don’t think to ask. If you want to be prepared I would call ahead to make sure and if they have what you are looking for it is less to pack.

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