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Park Hyatt Paris-Vandome, hotel furnishings

He made caution his signature. In a closed club of Parisian palaces, the Park Hyatt Paris-Vandôme crosses decades with the same class, never backing down from its original promise. Moreover, his loyal clientele pays him the same. When it was necessary to look for a pied-à-terre in the capital, the cult couple Johnny Depp/Vanessa Paradis chose to settle at this address. Small and big stories intersperse the life of the hotel. Meeting with the charismatic director Gorka Bergarache, the custodian of the temple, both his close anonymous and eminent guests.

The Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme does not yet have a guest book displayed prominently in the lobby, but it would be wise to – at least once – step out of the reserve. Perhaps for your 20th birthday, which will be celebrated at the beginning of the school year? ” This is really a good idea. ”, slips us Gorka Bergaresh, the new director of the institution. He takes his name from a Basque-Spanish origin. The man wore his imposing silhouette, almost 1 meter 90 centimeters, in the Hyatt Galaxy for 25 years. London, Madrid, Milan… He spoke to the most strategic places in Europe for the American group, which allowed him to see everything, experience everything. And then Paris, this gem, is undoubtedly a destination that does not require falseness in the casting.

The concentration of palaces per m², competition from the noble ladies of the hotel industry, very ambitious newcomers: in this world city, you need to be able to nurture this quiet strength … but not too much. ” Look around you, our American and Asian clients live side by side with the Parisians. Park Hyatt has been their address for a very long time. From the very beginning, we have been working to open ourselves up to the locals, developing proposals and concepts that they will love. 20 years ago, this was not the case in these beautiful addresses. The pandemic has forced the ecosystem to introduce stay formulas for this clientele, and so much the better! We have always wanted our hotel to be owned by both Parisians and foreigners. “, welcomes Gorka Bergareche.

Bergaresch © Park Hyatt Paris-Vandôme

AT Cafe Zhannawe actually hear a lot of French speech. It was the epicenter of the establishment that realized the potential of this space. Between the living room, fireplace, counter, glass roof and terrace, the place has been redesigned to accommodate any time of the day, until late in the evening, guests looking for a cozy base and good dining. This is where we enjoy our meals. Chef Jean-Francois Rouquette, a central figure in the history of the Park Hyatt Paris-Vandôme. With a killer smile, this Aveyronne contributed to the success of the restaurant from the very beginning, which has become a culinary center.

With a Michelin star and four Gault hats…

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