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DEAR Neighborhood News,

DON’T BE MISTAKEN, the NSW government’s waterfront marina project master plan has nothing to do with tourism – and everything to do with their desire to further spur an overpopulation frenzy driven by a reprehensible prime minister who has gone on record to want “big” New South Wales (despite the fact that it is already bursting at the seams).

The lack of a Visitor Information Center in a city the size of Coffs Harbor (or even Bellingen) is a testament to this government’s real attitude towards tourism – in stark contrast to Queensland where they are everywhere, even in tiny outlying towns like Windora and Boulia with excellent tourist destinations. centers.

I take my hat off to the Council for responding to the huge amount of criticism of the Master Plan and rejecting this outrageously selfish attempt by the New South Wales government to cram more taxpayers into its borders, regardless of the damage to the environment and public goods.

Richie Tassiker,

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