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PAULSON, Mont. – Perhaps one of the most popular places to celebrate July 4th in Montana is Flathead Lake. Over the weekend, Polson kicked off the celebrations with their fireworks. The festivities are not slowing down as the annual parade returns to Main Street on Monday.

Visitors along with the Paulson community will line downtown streets to see the parade starting at noon.

It is a simple tradition, but on the shores of Flathead Lake its influence is enormous.

“Polson is getting the attention of people around the world,” said Brian Miskimins of the Polson Chamber of Commerce. “Tourism is a huge part. This is where the Chamber comes in, which is why we have so much faith in outreach, just trying to get people here. Tourists help make the city what it is.”

Miskimins said that the price of gas this year affects the business. Hotels are canceled because people decide not to travel.

According to him, despite the setbacks, people are happy to return to participate in these activities.

“It’s just a big, small town, American parade,” Miskimins said. “This year our theme is ‘We Climb Together’ because we’re going through the hardships of two years and we’re saying, ‘Hey, you know what? Let’s get back to our horses. saddle. Let’s start”.

Last year, due to the pandemic, the organizers expanded the parade. This year they will keep it to expand the event. The route will start at Linderman Elementary School, then pass through Third Avenue and Main Street.

The parade will also be streamed live on Facebook, here.


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