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Porsche launches a €2,900 package that allows you to change cars at any time

What if you had access to the entire catalog of Porsche cars and could change them without restrictions? After Fiat, a brand new Porsche subscription system will debut, which will please many.

This is a new subscription from a company called Porsche Drive Flex. principle? For 2899 € per month, change your Porsche as you wish and without restrictions, according to your various needs and desires. In addition to having the entire catalog of the company, the subscription, accessible from your smartphone, includes 1750 kilometers per month (with the possibility of rolling over to subsequent months if they are not completed), battery replacement for electric models, as well as 24 hours a day. 7 Help Porsche. If fuel is not included in the package, there is no need to drive to enjoy the experience: the selected vehicles will be delivered to the desired location in a maximum of two days. But that’s not all ! If one or more of the options available on the model suits you, indicate this in the help when ordering a car, and your desire will be granted! The same goes for the color of the car. Subscription may be canceled after three months with one month’s notice.

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The Porsche Drive Flex package is currently in a test period from 1uh June in Germany, about ten clients living in Hamburg and Berlin. If you are interested in a subscription, please be aware that only persons over 25 years old with a driving license for more than 5 years will be able to use it … but you will have to wait until they arrive in France. The operation currently only plans to expand to Munich. While waiting for availability in other regions of the world, find more information about the Porsche Drive Flex package at


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