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Red Bull is introducing the RB17, its first 1,100 horsepower hypercar, to be sold for 5.8 million euros.

Red Bull unveils its very first hypercar, dubbed the RB17. This new Formula 1 of the future, developed by Red Bull Advanced Technologies (Red Bull’s high-performance engineering division) and envisioned by Adrian Newey (Technical Director of Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Advanced Technology), has already become a dream. Designed for the track, the hypercar offers two seats to take advantage of the V8 hybrid engine and the more than 1,100 horsepower it develops. According to Red Bull reports, the car has significantly reduced its weight and received a carbon composite monocoque.

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Continuing to talk about its capabilities, Adrian Newey said: “The RB17 brings together everything we know about building Formula One championship-winning cars in a package that delivers extreme levels of two-seater racing car performance. Driven by our passion for performance at all levels, the RB17 pushes the boundaries of design and engineering far beyond what has hitherto been available to enthusiasts and collectors.”

Proudly presenting its very first hypercar project, Red Bull announces the car’s availability: only 50 examples will see the light of day, and production is scheduled for 2025 at the Red Bull Technology Campus (in Milton Keynes, England). “The RB17 marks an important step in the development of Red Bull’s cutting-edge technology, which is now fully capable of building and producing stock cars at our Red Bull Technology Campus,” said Christian Horner, Director of Red Bull Racing. “Furthermore, the RB17 marks the first time that a Red Bull car has been made available to collectors.”


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