Rotwood is the latest game from Klei Entertainment

An unexpected and funny surprise at the PC Gaming Show was the presentation of the latest Klei Entertainment game. Rotwood is a multiplayer action game and is expected to enter early access at some point, but that date is not yet known.

Thanks to the description on Steam, we know a little more about Rothwood than was shown in the trailer. It’s a roguelike dungeon crawler that can be played by up to four people. With each playthrough, your cute animal avatars will pass through a dangerous forest, where the difficulty increases the deeper you go. New armor and weapons can be crafted from found items, and a hideout can be built and fortified.

In typical Clay style, the hand-drawn look of characters and enemies is unrealistic. Once again, the studio is pushing the boundaries, making it look like you’re in control of a cartoon character; Rotwood models are expressive, mobile and full of individuality. I can’t wait to see how Rotwood looks and plays in action when I can finally get my hands on it.

Is the early access date for 202 in the trailer? it could happen anytime in the next decade, though I expect we’ll be playing it well before 2030. Rotwood can be wishlisted on Steam, and it is unknown if Klei plans to release it on any additional platforms at that time.

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