Saudi Arabia targets tourism

Since taking office as Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman has worked to ensure that his country has multiple sources of national income other than oil.

It is the goal of his National Vision 2030 to get Saudi Arabia to this point in the shortest possible time!

And tourism is an important pillar in this vision of 100 million tourists visiting the kingdom in 2030!

As for how to achieve this, Riyadh has begun seeking agreement with major airlines to land at Yanbu in the west, Jubail in the east, Dhahran in the northeast and southern cities, not just airports. capital or airports of Jeddah.

This means that Riyadh thinks about tourism in the same way as the Spanish capital Madrid: there are more tourists than the indigenous people!

There is no shortage of tourist attractions in Egypt as we have enough wonders to attract many more tourists than our own population. Thus, our ambition goes beyond 15 million tourists a year, as it has been for many years.

At a ceremony convened by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism (ETF) in Ramadan, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled Al Anani spoke about what his ministry is doing to get our fair share of world tourism.

He listed the ministry’s steps to achieve this goal, from the possibility of obtaining an e-visa to the revision of the classification of hotels and the technical equipment of every bus carrying tourists!

The question is, where does tourism fit into our Vision 2030 plan that was announced many years ago? What goals does this plan set for the tourism sector in our country?!

Tourism is a variety of attractions, and we have more than enough of them.

Tourism is the kind of infrastructure that the minister was talking about at the ETF ceremony, and I think the ministry is now focusing on the need for it to be up to par.

Tourism is a vision that has a specific goal in line with the Vision 2030 type schedule in Saudi Arabia on the other side of the Red Sea!.

That’s exactly what I’m asking about those who formulated our Vision 2030 plan!

Tourism is an industry with rules and assets, and the country that deals with it on this basis makes itself the tourist destination that the tourist visits and seeks!

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