Shame on Joanna Lumley as she’s late for the royal recording | Entertainment

Joanna Lumley was late for an appointment with the Duchess of Cornwall after she got stuck trying to cross a bridge in London.

The ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ star was supposed to record the ‘Commonwealth Poetry Podcast’ with Camilla and host Giles Brandreth at the royal residence Clarence House, but she ended up missing the start due to a travel mix-up.

Giles explained to the British HELLO! magazine: “We all turned on our microphones and the cameras were set to work. Then I got a message from Joanna saying “stuck on a bridge”.

“She tried to cross the river and begged the police to let her through, telling them she had an appointment at Clarence House.”

However, the budget was denied by the police, and Joanna had to miss the start of recording. Giles continued: “Nothing could be done, so we had to start without her. The Duchess, (my daughter) Aphra and I shared the reading of the first poem, one of the Duchess’ favorites, W. H. Auden’s Night Mail.

“Then, just in time to read her lines, Joanna burst in.”

The actress was “a little out of breath” but the podcast host decided to keep it on the show along with her late appearance.

He added about Camille’s reaction: “The Duchess was unfazed even when Joanna was late…

“She is very funny and talked about how she memorized poetry as a child and the pleasure they had for reading to their children and grandchildren. We are delighted to have her and Joanna as our first guests…”


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