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She renovates a motorhome for less than 1,000 euros and the result is incredible.

Renovating a motorhome to live in all year round may be the dream of some… The dream of a young American, Heather McLarry decided to make it a reality by rebuilding an 18m² mobile home into an elegant and comfortable tiny home. With a budget of just 960 euros, she proves that with a little money, a little time and a lot of imagination, you can create a very beautiful little cocoon! The girl was never an adventurer, but when the pandemic broke out, she was finishing her studies and, having no job, could no longer pay her rent; She then embarked on a renovation adventure and it wasn’t a bad idea! Opening.

Alternative to traditional housing

Therefore, the young woman had financial difficulties, she then realized that this type of housing is much more affordable than an apartment. But also that it would allow her to find a seasonal job wherever it came from… She had the luxury of finding a job without having to look for accommodation nearby or rent an overpriced hotel room! In 2020 she buys a minibus for 2878€ and spends fifteen months in his converted van… She loves this life of freedom but it’s a bit cramped… Then she chooses a 2015 Shasta Oasis motorhome, pays €7,185 and decides to renovate it. His goal was to find the newest home within his budget. The oasis of Shasta caught her attention… And that was the beginning of a new adventure for Heather!

Photo Credit: @heathermclarry/TikTok

Its a start in terms of renovation!

So Heather gets her motorhome in November 2021, which now offers her 18m² of living space, and she sets herself a maximum budget of $1,000 to renovate it, or about 960 euros. For her mobile home, she wanted a colorful and warm universe without the big expense. Therefore, she does not hesitate to buy cheap paintings, and not being able to afford the services of a decorator, she uses textbooks and boards on Pinterest. She then starts by repainting all the cabinets to remove the green they were covered with, which didn’t match her ideal! She chooses black, but adds touches of color depending on the paint pots she finds…

What about the furniture?

To furnish and decorate your motor home, young woman searching thrift stores and Facebook marketplaces. She has even become addicted to it, which allows her to find any item at very low prices, sometimes even for free. Clothing, furniture, rattan armchair; the young woman is armed only with secondhand items.

Interior of a renovated motorhome for 1000€
Photo Credit: @heathermclarry/TikTok

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