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Space HELL, small self-contained and modular houses that produce energy

A few years ago we heard about global warming, but how many of us were interested in it or understood the urgency of the situation? Our ecological consciousness is awakening little by little, and in the face of repeated natural disasters or water shortages, we are forced to believe what scientists tell us … This is no longer nonsense, but a very sad reality. This awareness is fortunately reflected in our lifestyle, and we are increasingly leaning towards off-grid homes, solar or wind energy. Today, sustainability plays a role for 85% of future buyers. And, obviously, this is pushing manufacturers to take appropriate action. The construction industry is fighting to reduce carbon emissions and waste, but there is still a lot to be done. American startup Cosmic is set to make a name for itself in the autonomous home market, which is self-funded by Kezako. Presentation.

Space ambition

Sasha Jokic, the startup founder explains that “Homes account for about 45% of all CO2 emissions in the United States, with the vast majority of these emissions (87%) from heating, cooling and fossil fuels.”. Therefore, Cosmic intends to answer this problem by offering carbon-neutral and energy-efficient housing. Buildings must also be available to as many people as possible and for this it is necessary to question the totality of the present methods of construction. It is because of this observation that Cosmic became the first chain to develop all-electric and self-contained housing, and their first product is called ADU!

What is the concept of ADU?

Cosmic creates self-contained ADUs that improve people’s health, provide additional living space and generate clean energy for the entire home. In this way, homeowners can increase their living space and property value while ensuring their energy security with smart all-electric technologies. Cosmic has developed a unique self-powered home platform that allows you to build carbon neutral models, healthy and incredibly effective at high speed and low cost. Designed using a unique building process, this solar-powered residential unit actually generates far more electricity than it needs. They have succeeded in developing an all-electric, zero-emission building system and without the use of fossil fuels. In addition, they can also generate additional energy for their consumption, store it and redistribute it in the grid.

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