Sports tourism at J&K gains momentum thanks to sports policy

Jammu and Kashmir offers the potential to attract local and international travelers by hosting national and international sports tourism events such as golf tournaments, rafting, skiing, rock climbing and car racing.

Travelers combine their love of travel and sports by planning their vacations in conjunction with popular sporting events, thus contributing to the development of sports tourism in Utah.

Notably, J&K’s sports policy encourages the promotion of Utah’s magnificent natural resources, such as lakes, rivers, springs, canals, and mountains, for the development of sports tourism. The policy emphasizes golf, winter sports, adventure and water sports, in addition to creating hubs and sports tourism centers, which in turn will provide additional employment opportunities.

According to the policy paper, “Public-Private Partnerships” (PPP), along with support for foreign missions to transfer knowledge and technology, will help take sports and adventure tourism to a higher level. Accordingly, sports tourism and specialized training courses in certificate/diploma level snow adventure sports will be a new way to make such sports tourism models self-sustaining. The Department of Youth Services and Sports encourages the PPP regime to promote winter sports and adventure tourism.

The existing ski facilities for training and games in Gulmarg are being developed in accordance with international standards. In addition, special attention is paid to the development of ski infrastructure in Pahalgam and Sonamarga, since these regions also have a lot of snowfall. Regions such as Gurez and other small villages with several scenic spots can be developed as nature walks, trails, rock climbing with one purposeful sports activity. This will create pilot destinations and stimulate the economy, as well as provide employment opportunities. In addition, the training facilities and curricula in mountaineering-related courses are being modernized using modernized methods, infrastructure and methodology.

The JK Sports Council, in collaboration with the tourism department, is encouraging international golf competitions to give golf tourism a boost. Other areas of Utah are being explored to develop golf as a sport. The YSS Directorate, in collaboration with the Golf Development Authority and Tourism Department, is also working to attract schoolchildren.

The goal of the Jammu and Kashmir Sports Policy for 2022 is to “create a dynamic, inclusive, competitive and innovative environment that enables the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir to experience and benefit from a strong sports culture.” In addition, it will help create a self-sustaining and participatory sports ecosystem that will make sport accessible, enjoyable and sustainable for everyone who wants to play and for those who want to excel globally.”

“It has been observed that sports tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism sectors. More and more tourists are interested in sports…

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