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stab wounds for falling sneakers

The unthinkable happened outside the HBX store in New York: a man standing in line hoping to get his hands on a new model Nike Dunk was wounded.

Kick for sneakers

Excitement around Nike soak does not weaken, but vice versa. The proof has been given to us in the last days through the sad news. June 17, 2022, hours before the highly anticipated Nike Dunk High launch. “Panda”offered as part of the opening of an HBX store in New York, a customer was stabbed. According to the New York Daily News, sneakerheads gathered at 6 a.m. in front of the store, although the opening was not scheduled for a few hours later. Passions flare up in line tricking 20-year-old Miguel Ovidio into stabbing a customer. The main suspect has already been arrested.

One of the store managers, not wanting to reveal his identity, commented on what was happening: “Customers began to push, push more and more. They were waiting for a new pair of Nike sneakers. This is a group effect. At the moment, the condition of the victim is not reported.

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