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to the editor,

Reading an article in the May 22 issue of the South Haven Tribune titled “Residents Urge City to Take Action on Short-Term Renting,” it’s summer. The STR (vacation house rental) opponents are out again, it’s like a right of way into the summer.

While reading the article, the Neighborhoods Need Neighbors group sent out a survey to 3,600 registered voters and received 550 or so responses. Feedback indicates that only 15 percent (or so) oppose or want any reform of the VET. The vast majority, or 85 percent or so, that did not respond indicate that they have no problem with FOSS in its current form.

STRs are the economic engine for urban businesses that thrive every year on the tourism business to survive. I dare say STR could be one of the biggest businesses in South Haven. The city might be better off not spending $20,000 on the STR survey, but figuring out how to reduce the 4.5 percent rate hike the city is passing on to its citizens on water and sewer rates effective July 1.

Mike Matheny

South Haven


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