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Depil Tech: permanent hair removal and aesthetic procedures using pulsed light

Since 2015, the Dépil Tech center, specialized in permanent hair removal, welcomes its customers with a warm and caring atmosphere.

Depil Tech Technology? Do you want to get rid of hair removal problems forever? With 10 years of experience with patented non-invasive technology, Dépil Tech offers permanent hair removal in 6 sessions plus 2 touch-up sessions! Their exclusive pulsed light technique destroys 20% of hair per session! During the first free visit, Dépil Tech prepares a hairiness report, which allows each client to receive an effective and high-quality personalized follow-up!

Facial care? Dépil Tech also offers unique facial treatments. Derm-light is an exclusive protocol combining pulsed light and cosmetology that provides the skin with firmness and visible radiance: a radiant complexion, reduced pores and a lifting effect.

New? Dépil Tech offers a new skin diagnostic service with the Observ 520! A true skin scanner, this technology detects skin problems to provide the skin with all the cosmetic care it needs.

A final word? For more information, feel free to book a free first appointment!

Depil Tech Oberhausbergen
95 Avenue Racine – 67200 STRASBOURG
03 88 29 23 65

BODYHIT: your daily ally to strengthen your body

Do you want to strengthen your body but don’t have the time? BODYHIT, the leader in electrical stimulation in France in Strasbourg, allows you to tone the whole body thanks to a unique and innovative technology!

Results, achievements? A 20 minute BODYHIT session is the equivalent of 4 hours of exercise! From the first session, your body becomes more elastic. With just one session per week, your silhouette will become slimmer in no time, your abs will become more defined, your hips will become toned, your arms will become leaner, and your back will become stronger! Electrical stimulation solves many problems: weight loss, gaining muscle mass, tone, getting rid of cellulite… Depending on your goals, an individual program is carried out by a sports trainer who will accompany you throughout the workout.

How it works ? Electrical stimulation according to the BODYHIT method allows you to increase the contraction of the muscles of the body and, consequently, its effects. In 20 minutes, you will work 8 muscle groups (chest, abdominal, lumbar, upper back, lats, arms, thighs, glutes) for fast, visible results. Under the supervision of a personal trainer and in a suit consisting of electrodes, you will be able to achieve your sports goals in the shortest possible time!

For whom ? BODYHIT for everyone…

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