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Many travelers are stranded by flight delays and cancellations.

Flights were canceled over Father’s Day weekend and airports are beginning to rebook flights on Monday.

A passenger whose flight was delayed mentioned how many times his booking was delayed.

“[We boarded] our flight and everyone was on board, and then they were going to pull out,” said Joey Roberts. “Then they told us that it was cancelled. So we had to get off our flight. They tried to rebook us for this morning [but] it got messed up so now we’re rebooked for that evening.”

Only a few flights have been affected at MIA, but some people are still waiting to take off from Miami.

“There was a couple in line today who have been here since Friday morning,” said Jamie Thomas, who also had a flight cancellation.

Since Friday, thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed due to weather and staff shortages.

Captain Evan Baah of Delta Airlines spoke about the labor issue.

“We don’t have the proper staff for summer flights,” Baah said.

Summer travel has become more costly as inflation has risen in the country.

Rising gas prices have made all types of travel more expensive.

The current national average for gas is $4.98, the highest ever.

Some lawmakers are considering suspending the federal gas tax, which would charge drivers $0.18 per gallon.

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