Thailand is ditching the Thai pass due to the simplest entry requirements

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The Thai government has announced plans to completely eliminate the Thai passport required for entry, paving the way for the easiest requirements to enter the country since the start of the pandemic. The popular Southeast Asian nation, whose capital Bangkok was once crowned as the world’s most visited city back in 2019, has struggled to welcome large numbers of tourists since it introduced strict entry requirements as Covid-19 spread. , but things may change with the advent of Covid-19. removal of the pass.

The cancellation of the Thai Pass is just one of several measures Thailand will take next month as it lifts several Covid-related rules such as the mandatory wearing of masks and the strict regulation of the nightlife industry. Here’s a look at what needs to change in the country, and how travelers can enter the country from next month.

Removed Thailand Pass – information for travelers

Since the Thai Pass was launched last year, it has gone through several different updates and rule changes as the country has responded to the changing situation with the pandemic. From heavy insurance and vaccination proof requirements to quarantine hotel bookings and testing on arrival, Thailand hasn’t made it easy for travelers to enter the country. land of smiles – until now.

Following a government meeting yesterday, it was revealed that Thailand will lift the Thai Pass requirement for all foreign travelers from July 1st. This means that travelers will no longer need to apply for a Thai Pass to enter, nor will they need to purchase an insurance policy covering Covid-19 prior to departure into the country. Thailand will also remove its thermal imaging installations at its borders.

There are still some Covid-19 related restrictions that will remain in place. Travelers will still need to have either proof of vaccination against the virus or a negative test result to enter the country, as arrivals will be screened for these documents at random. Tests can be either RT-PCR or a professional ATK test taken within 72 hours of travel. Unvaccinated travelers who are randomly screened and unable to test negative will be required to take a professional ATK test at the point of entry.

The Thai Pass – with its bug-filled website and outdated entry requirements – has long been viewed by travelers as a major travel hurdle, with many opting to visit other, requirement-free destinations instead. Now that it is about to be removed, travelers are expected to travel en masse across the country, bringing respite to the country’s ailing tourism industry.

Beautiful aerial shot of Bangkok, Thailand

Travelers will also be happy to know that the abolition of the pass is not the only major policy change starting July 1st. In addition, from this date, the country partially cancels the mandatory wearing of masks, which makes wearing …

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