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That’s why we’re all going to get into nesting, the fall lifestyle trend.

If there’s a season that especially calls for staying home, lounging and relaxing, it’s fall! When the temperature drops and the weather looks bleak, there is no place more cozy and warm than your own home, where you like to spend moments in a cocoon doing nothing. The art of idleness, which, it would seem, gave rise to a real current, ending in -ing. Therefore, we present to you “nesting”English word meaning “make a nest” and, therefore, signifies the fact of taking time for yourself, warmth in the privacy of your cozy cocoon.

Nesting or the art of doing nothing

As a way to stop time, hide in a bubble and escape the stress of the outside world for a few hours. And above all, feel free to play the game carefully, turning your interior into a lair. ultra cozy ! We wrap ourselves in a very soft blanket, light scented candles and dim the lights for atmosphere, listen to relaxing music or take a nice hot bath.

This is also a great opportunity to treat yourself to a short session. drunken surveillance on Netflix or doing things that we enjoy and that we never waste time on. Come on, we assure you that “nester” is not very difficult!

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