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For two years in a row, our most exciting “journeys” were … to the grocery store. The lights! Colors! People! So when travel restrictions eased, it was only natural that we lost our collective mind by booking flights, RVs, and (for reasons we’ll never understand) cruises.

Unfortunately, the travel industry hasn’t satiated the world’s lust for travel, and to be honest, we personally are a bit worried about getting back into the game too. So what have we done?

We sat down at our tables, cracked our knuckles, dusted off our old MacBook, and set about optimizing your next itinerary. Read on to see the official list of the best Sidekick apps to make your next vacation as easy as possible.

Inflation is making everyone go crazy, and you’ll probably want to plan your vacation this year to make sure you’re spending those hard-earned dollars strategically. Use this app to find cheap flights and discounted fares so you can splurge at your destination, not just en route.

Since the “B” in “Bad B” stands for this year’s budget (see above), connect to this new app that asks for your flight and hotel budget. the first and then builds your travel itinerary, flights and hotel options at the same time.

So, you’ve booked everything for your vacation. (Ooh, one step closer!) Now you need to pack up. This must-have app will help you create a packing list based on your destination, time of year, and length of stay. Away, excessive impulse! Leave!

On your way to your destination without scheduling your accommodation yet? (What? Hasn’t this happened to you?) This app finds last minute bets, cheap! And if you’re more of a planner, you can browse the app’s best deals and book your stay up to three months in advance.

If you’re feeling completely disorganized with your travels on Insta and TikTok, use this app to gather all your must-see cards into one searchable card. A newly added feature, Liist Groups, allows users to create maps and share them with their friends, who can vote for or against new additions.

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Don’t be a noob who accidentally pays $400 for a 10 minute taxi ride. Let this incredibly simple app convert your mulas to your local currency with just a few taps.

To our best book buddies, take the TBR books out of your suitcase and install this app instead. It allows you to use your library card to access and digitally “check” thousands of titles from your local library. Then just transfer them to your preferred digital reader and voila!

If you’re determined to hit the road this summer and not under the good skies, make sure you’re saving money on fuel with GasBuddy. Filter options by distance and fuel quality to find the best options in the US, Canada and Australia. You can even earn points or discounts when you sign up.

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