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The €300,000 Urus SUV became the best-selling model in Lamborghini history just 4 years after its release.

20,000 copies in just 4 years. Heralding a new record, Lamborghini’s latest report reveals the brand’s key sales this year.

A total of 8,045 vehicles have been delivered this year, more than half of which are Lamborghini Urus. A new milestone has been reached for the model, which now crosses the 20,000 mark, becoming Lamborghini’s best-selling car in just 4 years.

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Recall that the Urus appeared in the Lamborghini catalog in 2018, and just 11 months ago, 15,000 copies were produced from the factory of the Italian company. More details are provided on these various figures and 70% of Urus orders will be placed by new customers. In 2021, the minimum price for a new Urus was about 300,000 euros, compared to about 210,000 euros for the first model launched in 2018.

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