The entertainment offering near American Family Field has potential but comes with a number of challenges.

Since County Executive Peter Burgellis came up with the idea of ​​an entertainment district next to American Family Field, experts are wondering if that’s actually possible.

Wisconsin Afternoon News hosts asked Tim Sheehy to discuss an impromptu proposal.

With his on-field connections as he sits on the stadium district council, Sheehy said Berghellis’ head is in the right place, but several factors could create a problem. The first of which being the fact that the property belongs to the state. The property is subleased to the team and the rental clause states that no property tax can be charged. Sheehy said, “It’s a little difficult to work out and create a spat if you can’t collect property tax in the area.”

The proposal may be of interest to brewery executives given the importance of parking and parking for the facility. “I think it’s an option, they [Brewers] attract more fans from urban areas than a major league baseball team.”

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