The SD Tourism Department and the SD Local Tourism Alliance have released a visitor’s guide, “Guide to the Tribal Peoples: Homeland of the Otseti Sakovin”.

The South Dakota Department of Tourism, in partnership with the South Dakota Local Tourism Alliance, has released a new guide for tribal visitors.

A Guide to Tribal Peoples: Homeland of the Oseti Sakovin contains a map of the tribal lands, a brief history of each tribe, tips on etiquette for visitors, and destinations that provide an opportunity to learn more about each tribe. The content of the guide has been prepared and approved by SDNTA members.

Dew Bad Warrior, SDNTA project leader, says they are excited about the completion and release of this guide. He says it’s an important resource to help bring visitors to South Dakota’s tribal lands.

Tourism Secretary of State Jim Hagen says the creation of this excellent guide was an important component of the Department’s partnership with the newly formed South Dakota Local Tourism Alliance. He says research shows that local and international visitors are keen to learn more about the culture and history of our South Dakota tribal friends and partners. This guide will be a great resource as they plan their state experience.

The content of this book was created in collaboration with the Cheyenne River Sioux, Crow Creek Sioux, Flandro Santi Sioux, Lower Brule Sioux, Oglala Sioux, Rosebud Sioux, Rosebud Sioux, Standing Rock Sioux, and Yankton Sioux. . . Additional information has been used from various sources cited in the guide.

The South Dakota Department of Tourism printed 30,000 copies of the new guide in May 2022. Visitors will find a free guide distributed at South Dakota’s reception centers and many high-traffic businesses. It is also available online at, where a digital copy can be downloaded for free. Visitors can also view or order a physical guide to South Dakota and other publications.

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