This travel power adapter makes life much easier for budding travelers

I recently traveled the world for the first time and had two top priorities when packing for a trip: pack as lightly as possible and stay connected while I’m on the road. These priorities converged when I was deciding which travel adapters to take with me on a trip. I wanted an adapter that could charge all my devices, that wouldn’t take up too much space in my suitcase, and that would work in all the countries I planned to visit.

Enter Epicka All-in-One International Travel Adapter. This adapter was an absolute lifesaver during my trip. It is light, only 5.1 ounces (145 grams), compact and very practical, with six different charging options. The adapter costs just $23 and comes with four USB-A ports, one USB-C port, and one AC outlet to charge all your devices. Pricing in the UK and Australia is not available, but the US price converts to around £20 and AU$35.

The adapter includes three different plugs – US / AU, UK and EU, which work in more than 150 countries. These plugs slide in and out, which means you can easily put the unit in your suitcase without worrying about plug pins. If I didn’t have this, I would have to take multiple boxes and adapters with me to keep all my devices charged and usable during my trip, taking up valuable space in my suitcase and increasing the chance of losing one (or more) of them.

I have stayed in some very old hotels with very few outlets. Having space to charge six different devices at the same time was invaluable and ensured that my devices were always fully charged before the big day of exploring a new city. Plus, I only needed one charger for my various cords, so I had one less thing to worry about packing and repacking my suitcase, which was a welcome stress reliever on this trip.

However, this product is not without its drawbacks. In some of the older hotels I’ve stayed in, the block was too heavy for outlets and had to be propped up to keep it from falling out during the night. Another frustration I had with the outlet is that it does not convert voltage from the outlet. Although this wasn’t a problem for me as I mostly charged smaller devices; several of my fellow travelers burned their hair dryers and other personal care products while using the same device. The adapter has strong security features to protect you and your devices, but not having to carry an extra converter or risk frying your devices is one less problem.

Despite these small disappointments, the Epicka adapter has made my international travel much easier. Traveling overseas for the first time can be stressful, meanwhile making sure you have enough…

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