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TikTok will soon be overthrown by YouTube Shorts in terms of users?

YouTube Shorts seem to compete with TikTok. The American firm announced that it has 1.5 billion users.

While TikTok is a huge success, its competitors are not far behind. This is the case with YouTube Shorts. MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z!

TikTok is doing everything to stay on top

There is fierce competition between social networks. As a result, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube are fighting for the lead in the short video market.

To piss off TikTok, Instagram launched Coilsand YouTube implemented Shorts. Everyone has the same concept short video feed infinite scrolling vertically.

Same Facebook started copying this interface catch up. This is confirmed by The Verge website. Facebook wants to take the design of TikTok and add its own search engine: “The Engine of Discovery”.

In this domain TikTok is in the lead. The app has made it their business. We are talking about short videos (from 3 to 60 seconds), while Instagram is famous for photos and YouTube for a much longer video format.

It doesn’t interfere TikTok will step on the heels of other people too much. Recently application launches its animated avatarslike what Snapchat, Apple and Meta are already doing.

This may not be enough to widen the gap with the rest. As a result, YouTube Shorts has announced that it has 1.5 billion subscribers. It’s just as good as the Chinese app, if not better. MCE TV will tell you more!

YouTube Shorts are catching up

New version of, TikTok appeared in 2016 around the world. And we can say that the application has swept away everything in its path. In just a few years, TikTok has been able to reach over a billion people, which calls into question the success of every social network.

Covid-19 has also helped the social network expand. People were locking themselves at home, it was necessary to have fun, and TikTok was there. Furthermore, the application continues to expand its offer, adding video games For example. Incredible !

“We always looking for ways to enrich our platform and frequently test new features and integrations that benefit our community.”— explained the representative of TikTok.

However, this success does not seem to allow TikTok to be the sole leader. Indeed, YouTube announced that his service Shorts there were 1.5 billion monthly users. Therefore, the score is higher than TikTok. Huge !

However, this…

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