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Tiny House: luxury and voluptuousness for this motorhome designed by the Canadian company Fritz Tiny Homes!

Who said that Tiny Houses were small houses without taste and creativity? Of course, not us, and certainly not the Canadian company Fritz Tiny Homes, which designs tiny houses based on shipping containers, fully customizable … These small mobile homes are gaining popularity around the world, and they are starting to change the housing market. Among creations Fritz Tiny Homes, Halcyon House proves to us that “Tiny House” doesn’t necessarily rhyme with small spaces and minimalist living without comfort… And it has a beautiful story! Opening!

What is Alcyone’s Little House?

This tiny house is a marvel at 8.5 meters long, the first semi-custom model from a Canadian manufacturer. The name Halcyon does not come from the British television series of the same name, or even from the city located in Missouri, but from a legend that says that a small kingfisher would calm the wrath of the sea if he came here to nest. In other words, Fritz Tiny Homes promises with this Halcyon model a cozy nest where serenity, peace and quiet in this world !!! Good program for future buyers, isn’t it?

Photo: Fritz Tiny Homes

Alcyone’s house, guided tour!

Bespoke seems like the right word to describe this small home… Inside, concrete was chosen for the home furnishing… We find it in the kitchen with this gorgeous sink, in the bathroom with cabinets and all the way down to the tiles! The cabinet doors also take on this gray color of very trendy smooth concrete. The house may be small, but that’s not the feeling that prevails when you “visit” this tiny house… Everything seems spacious and generous, and yet the space shrinks. The ground floor also has a bedroom, plenty of storage space, very luxurious bathroom and which can even hold a real bath if customers want to bask in it.

And what does it look like at the top?

It is through a staircase worthy of a palace that you reach the open mezzanine that opens onto the first floor… The bedroom has two windows to admire the stars curled up quietly under the duvet! Plenty of built-in storage saves space without overwhelming your living space. Eight windows dotted throughout the home provide excellent natural light. Fritzy Tiny Homes specifies that this model can also become self-sufficient by equipping it with solar panels and a wastewater recovery and treatment system. For the price, it’s a bit more expensive than the container houses we usually suggest you open as they start at 193,500 Canadian dollars, or about 141…

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