Top 10 Destinations Americans Can Travel This Summer Without Any Tests

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The big travel news this week is that the US has lifted the testing requirement for international air passengers.

Now that the requirement has been officially lifted as of today, here are some destinations Americans can travel to this summer without testing. To travel to these cities, you will not need to take an attendance test, and you will not need to take a test on the way back. There is no longer a Covid-travel administrator here – only fun and adventure!

Rear view: a woman stands with outstretched arms and looks at the city of Rome at sunset in the summer.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico City

Mexico has never had testing requirements for international travelers, including Americans. And in early January of this year, the country lifted the requirement to fill out a health questionnaire, which had been the only Covid restriction on travelers throughout the pandemic.

Cabo is one of the most popular places in Mexico. From top-rated beach resorts to plenty of outdoor adventures and delicious food, travelers just can’t get enough. And with cheap flight options from the west coast of the US, it’s pretty tempting these days not to use Cabo.

Cabo San Lucas in Mexico

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Back in February, the Dominican Republic lifted all entry requirements for travelers, including the requirement to wear masks. Currently, 100% of scheduled flights are operated to the popular resort town of Punta Cana. So why not go on an easy and carefree trip to the Caribbean?

Apart from the resort, there are so many opportunities to relax and enjoy your stay in paradise. Visit Los Haitises National Park to spot rare wildlife (the only way to get there is by boat!), and explore the caves at Cueva de las Maravillas on a day trip so impressive you’ll think about it for years .

Punta Cana, DR

London, England

The UK lifted all of its Covid restrictions back in March, and travelers from the US do not need to present any negative Covid tests before leaving for the trip. And with US airlines ramping up transatlantic flights to London, getting to Big Smoke hasn’t been this easy in a long time.

Enjoy London’s warm summer weather and spend afternoons at Camden Market, stroll through Piccadilly Circus, visit the many free museums and relax with a pint of beer on the patio of one of the city’s many famous pubs.

London city urban lifestyle female tourist walking.  A business woman drives to work on Westminster Bridge Street early in the morning.  Travel Europe, England

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

After some confusion, Mongolia has officially lifted its entry requirements for international travelers, including testing mandates. This landlocked country has been fairly strict with Covid rules throughout the pandemic and has remained closed to tourists for two years. But now Mongolia is ready to welcome you again.

Mongolia is a destination that is far more hidden from travelers’ radars, but it has plenty of unique things to do. Fly into the capital Ulaanbaatar and explore the historic city for a few days before heading into the countryside, which is actually one of the most remote places in the world. You can book a local city tour…

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