Tourism and travel sector must take action on diversity and inclusiveness

Published: Thursday 16 June 2022

Travel and hospitality professionals believe pandemic-hit professions are slowly discovering an old blind spot. If this is resolved, it could help them resurrect this summer.

Interest in diversity, fairness and inclusion grew among operators seeking to rebuild relationships and increase outreach over the past year, according to the Ontariohead Travel Industry Association. In January, the association launched monthly webinars for those who are ready to welcome blacks, aborigines and other people of color.

TIAO President Christopher Bluor said people are starting to ask questions and say they can do better.

Bluor said he sees this not only at the association level, but at the level of individual businesses putting together their own Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) packages or bringing in experts or consultants to help them build their businesses and make their jobs more attractive. full .

Shaleen Dudley, a travel agent and consultant based in Oakville, Ontario, talks about the unsustainable travel patterns that have emerged since airports were closed due to the pandemic. Unable to board a plane, city dwellers are more likely to take to the roads to discover the sights of their countryside, Dudley said.

This, Dudley says, in some cases has lumped blacks, aborigines, and other travelers of color into comparatively homogenous, unfamiliar groups to cater for a diverse clientele, causing misunderstandings and racial conflicts.

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