Tourism Department optimistic about Wisconsin summer travel

STAWTON, Wisconsin. (WMTV) – Wisconsin’s natural resources and hospitality may continue to attract more tourists this summer.

“Friendly people and good fishing. What more could you want, right?” Irma Arellano said.

She and her fiancé Bruce Kaiser headed to Kegonsa Lake State Park in Stoughton for a day of fishing.

They both agreed to spend the summer traveling around Wisconsin rather than traveling far.

“Wisconsin has the friendliest people,” Kaiser said. “I used to be on the street in the St. Louis area and there’s no comparison.”

Wisconsin Department of Tourism Designate Secretary Ann Sayers said people are putting extra energy into choosing affordable vacation spots, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It hasn’t been an easy couple of years, but the good news is that since the start of the pandemic, tourism and Wisconsin’s recovery has actually outperformed the national average every month for two years,” Sayers said. “For 24 consecutive months, we have seen better growth than the rest of the country in this sector. So it’s really nice to see. ” >

“We knew people would come back with the intention of spending those vacation days,” she said. “The only question is where. So our job here at Travel Wisconsin is to make sure they choose Wisconsin.”

Sayers is optimistic about the travel industry ahead of summer 2022.

She said Travel Wisconsin has invested time and money promoting the state’s lakes, water activities and hiking to convince people from Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois to come here.

“The idea is to encourage our neighbors to come up and come over,” Sayers said. “And to our residents to keep exploring Wisconsin. There is always something to do.”

John Winter and his partner Shirley Ye visited Kegonsa Lake over Memorial Day weekend.

“It’s quieter and cheaper,” Winter said. “This is a getaway from Illinois. I think it’s better that way.”

Water recreation and hiking trails drew him to Wisconsin.

“I think you have more of these areas than Illinois,” he said.

Arellano and Kaiser said Wisconsin had too many summer vacation options.

“There are so many lakes to choose from,” they said. “Hard to choose!”

After their wedding on June 8, Arellano and Kaiser Plant visit all 15,000 badger state lakes.

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