Tourism in India: India should fund ‘high-end’ tourism and focus on global business events: report

The report says the government should allocate funds to develop “upscale” tourism to attract more affluent visitors, as well as focus on making India the leading business event country to revive the tourism sector.

The report “Recovering Tourism for the Future 2022” prepared by Nangia Andersen LLP in association with Ficci says that after COVID a new term “Bleisure travel” has been coined, which means an increase in the number of professionals who combine business with leisure.

The trend was noticed among young professionals who had the opportunity to work from home and decided to find a place where they could work and also enjoy nature.

Suraj Nangia, Head of Government and Public Sector Advisory at Nangia Andersen LLP, said: “Travelers and local tourists are using technology for better experiences, including booking and finding the best travel options.”

He believes that artificial intelligence (AI) tools and metaverses will be widely used in the future to provide a virtual experience before the real journey begins.

The report states that in order to revive the tourism sector, India must develop as a leading country for hosting business events, as well as promoting high-end tourism.

“The focus should be on enhancing the appeal of India’s already strong offering and turning it into a ‘global meeting point’, with more business events, bringing more people to our shores and a growing international audience – using the government’s presence to do so,” said he.

The report notes that India has great potential to develop world-class adventure tourism infrastructure.

“The government should develop a roadmap for adventure tourism to promote structured and sustainable development. This niche could help promote India as a 365-day destination.

The report says that after considering changes in consumer behavior post-COVID-19, such as a resurgence and increased desire for experiential travel, the government should launch certain festivals/events that could be an attractive proposition for travelers.

In 2020, the travel and tourism industry contributed $121.9 billion to GDP; it is expected to reach US$512 billion by 2028.

India’s tourism sector accounted for 31.8 million jobs in 2020, accounting for 7.3% of the country’s total employment. It is expected to create about 53 million jobs by 2029. PTI ZhD PRO


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