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The popular Playa de Palma area in the Spanish Balearic Islands is subject to new tourism drinking laws. This means that all-inclusive tourists are limited to a certain number of drinks, and new party boats cannot obtain licenses.

However, residents of the beautiful city of Mallorca say the problems with tourists continue despite the laws.

Local resident David Severa said: “When (tourists) get together and drink, they cannot be stopped.

“They end up setting beach umbrellas on fire and smashing rubbish bins. And there are fights.”

He told the Majorca Daily Bulletin that he believes the only solution is to stop tourists coming to the area for vacation.

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Another resident said the police couldn’t act because many of the young tourists were drunk.

She said: “They can cause a reaction that can be dangerous.”

Many tourists are young and travel from all over Europe to visit the popular holiday destination.

Another resident said she blamed local authorities, not tourists, for not controlling visitors.


Tourism in the Balearic Islands has been a source of controversy between visitors and residents for several years now.

Resorts, including Magaluf, are notorious for attracting “alcoholic tourists” who can cause trouble.

Stories of tourism excesses, including public sex, fights and vandalism, made headlines around the world.

Despite attempts by local authorities to crack down on drinking, many residents say little has changed.

Tourists can be fined heavy fines for violating alcohol laws in the Balearic Islands and can be fined up to €30,000 (£26,000) for attending an illegal party.

Illegal parties are organized without the permission of the authorities and often do not meet the safety standards of mass events.

Tourists will also be detected if they are caught “balconying”, an extremely dangerous act where tourists try to climb onto hotel balconies.

Several British tourists have died in balcony accidents and others have been seriously injured.

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