Tourism in Saudi Arabia: 5 must-see places

1 – Archaeological excavations of Madain Saleh.

Madain Saleh is the first site in Saudi Arabia to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And for good reason, it contains remnants belonging to the Nabataean city of al-Hijr. Most impressive? Monumental tombs with elaborately decorated façades dating back to the 1st century BC. The well-preserved site also abounds with rock-cut monuments and wells. The latter testify to the great hydraulic skill of the Nabataeans. Charming!

2 – Tuvayk Palace

Built in 1985, Tuwaiq Palace is the result of a collaboration between Saudi, British and German designers. It is located in the diplomatic area of ​​Riyadh and covers an area of ​​24,000 m². It is used for conferences, banquets, large social events and weddings. From an aesthetic point of view, Tuwaiq Palace combines several elements of the local landscape: tents, fortresses, palm trees and water features. Everything you can believe in the middle of an oasis!

3 – The ancient city of Darius

Among must-see places in Saudi Arabia historical city of Darius. Founded in the 15th century, it is the birthplace of the first Saudi state. It is also known that this city was once a dynamic, commercial and cultural city. While in Dariya, stroll through the al-Bujayri area, admiring the mud huts, the Dariya Museum (a restored former palace) and the Al-Zavira Mosque. Another place not to be missed is the al-Turaif citadel. Huge cultural center with luxurious hotels and shopping malls.

4 – The picturesque city of Najran

Arab village near Najran, Asir region in Saudi Arabia.

In the south of Saudi Arabia, a few kilometers from the border with Yemen, is the ancient city of Najran. An area known for its two archaeological sites, Al-Uhdud and Hima Wells. Both have sculptures, cave paintings, wells, and many other archaeological treasures. Other popular attractions in Najran are Emara Palace, Raum Castle and As-Safa Park. Incredible time travel!

5 – Prophet’s Mosque in Medina

In Medina, the second holy city of Islam, is the mosque of the Prophet, where the tomb of Muhammad is located. For this reason, this place is a major pilgrimage site, attracting millions of thousands of Muslims every year. Apart from its symbolic side, this place of worship is also famous for its architecture: a breathtaking emerald dome, over 41 doors and numerous white marble minarets. The only problem is that access to the city of Medina is unfortunately forbidden for non-Muslims.

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