Tourism industry ‘despaired and hopeless’ after new outbreak – sector spokesman

The local tourism industry is feeling “desperate and hopeless” over the prospect of another bleak summer holiday tourism season following the latest outbreak in the community, Leng Sai Wai, chairman of the Macao Tourism Industry and Trade Association, told MNA today. (Monday).

Health authorities said this afternoon that the number of confirmed cases linked to the most recent outbreak in Macau has risen to 36, with most businesses in the city closed or suspended, and tightening border restrictions again make travel between the SAR and mainland China difficult. its main source of tourists.

The chairman of the association pointed out to the MNA that the recovery in the tourism industry triggered by the Dragon Boat Festival earlier this month gave them high hopes, which were quickly dashed by the expected impact of new cases of Covid-19 on the city’s tourism industry. and the economy as a whole.[ectationquicklydashedbytheexpectedimpactofthenewCovid-19casesinthecity’stourismindustryandtheoveralleconomy[ectationquicklydashedbytheexpectedimpactofthenewCovid-19casesinthecity’stourismindustryandtheoveralleconomy

Brokerage firms have already calculated that local casino revenues are likely to drop to near zero again in the coming weeks after months of already poor gaming results.

The sector spokesman also said that he “does not have optimistic expectations for the summer holiday tourist season” as the current situation with the pandemic has led to the closure of most places in the city and spread a sense of fear among tourists from the mainland.

“Now the whole of Macau has been shut down due to this new wave of pandemic outbreak, the word ‘tourism’ has already disappeared from Macau,” Leng said.

The Macau SAR government called on all food and beverage businesses to temporarily stop serving the restaurant due to the growing risks of the pandemic, with most public institutions closed and all educational activities at higher education institutions and non-tertiary education schools were suspended.

“This time it is really difficult because there have been so many locally confirmed cases, but we still have not found the source of the outbreak, which increases the uncertainty,” the chairman of the association said, “the situation will be easier to deal with when the source is found, and now we just have to wait for the results of the citywide covid nucleic acid testing.”

“Tourists from the mainland are now losing confidence in Macau,” Leng said. “We used to be afraid that people from the mainland would pass the virus to us, but now the situation is reversed, and they are more afraid of us because we can give them the virus.”

Leng also noted that the neighboring city of Zhuhai is currently taking strict measures to combat the pandemic, as the pandemic situation in Macau has also brought a high level of uncertainty to Zhuhai.

The Zhuhai Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced yesterday that people entering Zhuhai from Macau from June 15, including the same day, will be required to comply with the 7+7 system, divided into 7-day home quarantine and 7-day quarantine . .

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