Tourism is one of the most popular YouTube ads over the past 12 months.

Tea Canes Lions the festival, which brings together advertising agencies from around the world on the French Riviera, begins on June 20th. To mark the annual festival, YouTube released an updated version of its YouTube Ad Leaderboard, which tracks the most viewed videos on the world’s most popular video platform. The leaderboard includes both paid and organic views.

Last year, a commercial featuring K-pop cult group BTS ranked #1 on YouTube’s Ad Rankings. Among the commercials released between June 2021 and May 2022, Korea continues to lead the way, with the most viewed YouTube commercial during this period being a 45-second commercial introducing the new Samsung Galaxy phone. Electronic giant from Suwon fell into a trap 103.2 million views with a cleverly crafted commercial, and in the comments, several viewers reported that the ad achieved its goal:

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“Good enough” might not be enough for a new Samsung phone, but it’s definitely enough to captivate a YouTube audience. South Korea seems to know what’s going on when it comes to online video advertising: A tourist destination that promotes the vibrant arts and culture of the Asian nation also made it into the top 10 ad leaders, at 9th. Overall, tourism was a top topic on this year’s leaderboard, with commercial ads for Switzerland’s stunning views coming in second after taking over 102.7 million views.

Swiss watchmaker Omega placed 3rd with an ad released during the Tokyo Olympics. So, if you’re tracking the top ten at home, the result would be: Korea 2, Switzerland 2, Rest of the world 6.

“If this work is showing us anything, it is that the human connection and the great idea that captures our collective cultural pulse matter now more than ever. At Google, we talk about making information accessible and useful—can I get the information I need, does it matter to me. I believe the same applies to powerful brand storytelling across our platforms,” he said. Eugene Buono, head of creative at US Creative Works at Google, said in a statement. “From a creative perspective, stories that are accessible—culturally, conceptually, emotionally—lead to effective, compelling creative work. Great stories in the hands of great storytellers. This year’s Ads Leaderboard collection proves that’s where it all starts.”

Here, via YouTube, is the full top 10:

  1. Samsung (South Korea)
  2. My Switzerland (Switzerland)
  3. OMEGA (Switzerland)
  4. Amazon (USA)
  5. Netflix (USA)
  6. Turkish Airlines (Turkey)
  7. Nissan USA
  8. Apple (USA)
  9. Imagine your Korea (Korea)
  10. .

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