Travel is getting more expensive. Here’s how to save money on summer travel

When I went to Spain in March of this year, I realized something – travel is back. Airports were chock-full of sardines and every seat on the plane was full. However, a few months later, the picture of what travel until the end of 2022 will look like has become clearer. bottom line? It is expensive.

Airline the number of cancellations and delays is skyrocketingtogether with fuel cost. These rising prices will affect both travel and flights. In fact, airfare rose 12.6% in May, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Travel revival comes at a time when inflation reached its highest level since 1981.. Rising gas prices around the world are exacerbated by the ongoing war in Ukraine. Food expenses also aboveand global economies continue to be understaffed as a result of the pandemic.

However, according to the US Travel Association, 85% of Americans are planning to travel this summer. If you’re one of them, you’ll want to use all the tools you have to cut costs, whether you’re getting in a car, boat, or plane. Here’s how to save on travel despite the cost of climbing.

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Take Advantage of COVID Era Booking Flexibility

Many COVID-related changes to airlines and hotels will remain. “Airlines have basically eliminated the change penalty fees that have long been a frustrating traveler,” said Scott Meyerowitz, executive editor of CNET sister site The Points Guy.

Most major airlines will now allow you to change your flight with no fees for most domestic, Caribbean and Mexican destinations. Change fees will still largely apply to international flights, Meyerowitz said, so keep that in mind if you plan to travel further abroad.

The same applies to flights booked with miles. Airlines used to charge a fee for mile refunds, Mayerowitz said. You can now book your flight directly with the airline using points and cancel without penalty.

This massive swap fee waiver could be a money-saving opportunity, longtime traveler Stephanie Zito said in an email. “Book early when tickets are cheaper,” she said. “Then change or cancel if your plans change. If there is a price reduction on what you have booked, you can still cancel and rebook” at the lower price.

Basic economy class is cheaper, but think twice before booking.

While scheduled flights are becoming easier to change or cancel due to COVID, basic economy tickets are becoming more restrictive. Economy tickets usually offer the lowest upfront prices, but lack flexibility – you can’t reschedule or cancel at all – and charge extra for just about everything from carry-on baggage to seat selection. And you will most likely be one of the last passengers to board the plane.

It is important to keep this in mind because most booking portals, including those from airline and credit card loyalty programs, will first show you the main options for the economy, sometimes furtively. You may think you’re getting a lot, but if you…

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