Turning an A330 into a luxury yacht

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(CNN) – The fact that the mega-rich go to great lengths to tailor their private jets to their lifestyle is not new.

And we’re not just talking about your usual business jet. For decades, world leaders, royalty, and billionaires have outfitted the types of aircraft that most of us fly commercially, such as Airbus and Boeing.

But the options on the table are getting wilder.

Leading the way in customization is Germany’s Lufthansa Technik, which recently developed a cabin concept inspired by another must-have item for the rich: a superyacht.

According to the company, the concept of the EXPLORER wide-body VIP cabin fulfills two desires of aircraft owners: to fly their planes almost anywhere at any time, and to serve as a base camp while traveling – a place to sleep and rest. activities and excursions.

Just like a superyacht.

The Lufthansa Technik team selected the Airbus A330 for the concept showcase and released a series of renderings showing the capabilities.

These include the usual must-haves such as bedrooms, bathrooms, bars and dining areas. But the highlight, perhaps, is the retractable porch – a floor in the forward fuselage that can be pulled out when the plane is parked, at a height of about four meters above the apron.

In second place is a large-scale integrated projection system for virtual content. It extends from the window sash to the ceiling. Customers can choose their own lighting and images, using a high-tech projection system to create scenes such as green forests and starry skies.

BRABUS Adventure Hall

BRABUS Adventure Lounge: storage space for toys.

Coatsy Lufthansa Technik AG

The EXPLORER concept was first launched in November 2021 and the company recently unveiled a new addition at the Geneva Aviation Conference in May, the BRABUS Adventure Lounge.

The concept places the saloon at the rear of the A330’s lower deck, which can be seen from the main deck through a glass floor.

Once again, a superyacht with a garage for tenders and toys provided inspiration. A selection of vehicles can be stored in the Adventure Hall for use after landing.

The concept is a limited edition BRABUS 1300 R created in collaboration with Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM.

Wieland Timm, head of VIP and special-purpose aircraft sales at Lufthansa Technik, told CNN Travel in an email that the lounge shows just “one prime example of what this exploratory aspect” can look like in flight.

“Luxury motorcycles are exclusively placed on the accessible lower deck,” he explains. “After landing, they can…


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