Vacation inflation could change your summer travel plans

Many take their summer vacation in June, but a higher gas price may cause some to rethink those plans.

COLOMBIA, South Carolina. Traveling from Anderson to Myrtle Beach has become routine for Vanya Lopez and her mom Anabel Perez when they visit family.

But as the cost of everything from food to gas rises, due in part to inflation and the war in Ukraine, the miles add up.

“With our bigger car, she invested $60 and she didn’t even get to half a tank,” Lopez said. “We had to buy a new car, like this one, which is smaller so we can afford to drive to the beach.”

According to the AAA, the average cost of a gallon of gas in the country is about $5, the highest average cost ever recorded.

Regardless, Carolina AAA’s Tiffany Wright said the summer travel season hasn’t slowed down.

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“…but I suspect that if gas prices continue to rise the way they have been in the last few days, I think it will force people to take a break and they may not travel as far,” Wright said.

Slowing down, car maintenance, and restaurant parking can help.

More tips from AAA found here.

“Instead of standing in those long lines and burning gas and idling, it’s better to park on the spot,” Wright said.

For now, Lopez says she and her mom are still ready to go.

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“There really wasn’t a moment when we thought we couldn’t afford it,” she said. “We’ve just reduced the number of things a bit.”

How far they go will depend on the cost.

“We’re just hoping it can level off so it doesn’t keep growing and then we’ll have to stop spending money on certain things,” she said.

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