Vibra Healthcare launches travel care and medical staff business

Lower Allen-based Vibra Healthcare, which owns, operates and operates more than 45 specialty hospitals, respite care facilities and outpatient physical therapy units in hospitals in 14 states, has launched a new business to help with medical staff.

Earlier this month, Vibra Travels, a nursing and recruitment company, was launched. Vibra Travels started last year as an in-house service that hires traveling doctors to work directly at Vibra Healthcare facilities.

The company is focused on hiring and employing registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and respiratory therapists.

“Fueled by a nationwide staffing shortage and steadily growing job seeker interest in travel care opportunities, Vibra Travels has grown rapidly and recently celebrated its expansion to serve external clients,” the company said in a statement.

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Wayne McKee, who serves as Director of Human Resources for Vibra Healthcare, has been named CEO of Vibra Travels.

“We understand the hospital business,” McKee said. “By designing Vibra Travel based on Vibra Healthcare’s own staffing needs, we really understand the burden that staffing shortages create. We are also aware of the unique challenges of working with agency support.”

Individuals interested in employment with Vibra Travels can visit Organizations interested in human resources assistance can contact Mackey at

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