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WADDINGTON. The village hosts a weekly main street cruise for the third consecutive year.

The cruise, which features many classic cars brought in by members of the community, began in 2020 when Waddington City Supervisor Alex W. Hammond and several other community members parked their classic cars on Main Street during Waddington’s Friday night concert series.

“It all started with a few locals driving their classic cars down Main Street and parking them on the side of the road to buy ice cream,” Mr. Hammond said. “Then it just turned into this impromptu car show that everyone knew about on Friday nights.”

Since then, cruises have been held every Thursday during the summer months and will continue this year.

“In the summer, we try to have cruises every Thursday, but weather permits,” Mr. Hammond said. “People far and wide can bring their classic cars, park them along Main Street right in the center of Waddington and enjoy the festivities going on.”

During the cruise, there is live music from Mr. Hammond’s band Borderline, as well as other local musicians.

“We play live music from 6pm to 8pm,” he said. “We are fortunate to have many local volunteers who devote their time to music, whether it be me or other friends I have met over the years in the music community. We always try to provide some level of live entertainment that we hope will attract more people.”

Local businesses, including Main Street Perc and Mack’s Tavern, are open during the cruise and offer ice cream and wings.

“During our cruise, you can buy ice cream at Main Street Perc,” Mr. Hammond said. “Also, it’s wings night at Mack’s Tavern, so they have their own signature dishes, or you can grab a quick bite, whether it’s an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink.”

“There is something for the whole family,” he added. “If you don’t like cars, there’s ice cream and live music. If you love cars, you have cars along with live music, ice cream and an evening wing. People love it for various reasons. It’s a big public event.”

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