WATCH: Bidaske native with Rutherford Falls star Jana Schmieding

Jana Schmieding (Cheyenne River Sioux) plays Reagan Wells in the hit TV series Peacock. Rutherford Falls along with The Office actor Ed Helms. Schmieding is a comedian and also hosts his own podcast. size woman where she advocates for body positivity. She is very vocal on social media about social issues, including the recent leaked U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade.

In a special edition this past weekend Native Bidaske (In the spotlight), Schmieding joined Levy Rickert and Neeli Bardwell of Native News Online to talk about the series’ recently released second season. Rutherford Falls and provide viewers with inside information on what to expect from the new season.

“You can look forward to Season 2, the Pretenders episode. We have a Halloween episode. We have an episode of Reagan trying to settle in her traditional homeland and having to overcome tribal bureaucracy,” she describes. “Season 2 just has a lot of really fun shenanigans.”

Schmieding also talks about how Native American creators and executive producers such as Sterlin Harjo and Sierra Teller Ornelas paved the way for the next generation of Native actors.

“Both in front of and behind the camera, there have been generations of indigenous talent who have spearheaded this work and paved the way for my generation of writers and producers. Sterlyn Harjo, creator of Reservation Dogs, and Sierra Teller Ornelas, creator of Rutherford Falls, have both advanced in the industry and worked on their own projects independently.”

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She continues, “Everyone in their own way has been pushing and grinding and working against the erasure system that has happened in our industry. We’re seeing a breakthrough now because Sierra and Sterling have landed executive producer roles. They sit at the creative helm of these TV shows and that has a lot of power.”

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