“We won’t help you if you’re mean”

A flight attendant’s Facebook post went viral after she said something that many other flight attendants can’t say.

According to the Facebook page, Christy Kerbel is a flight attendant who wanted passengers to know how to deal with the aviation industry’s constant problems, including flight cancellations and staff shortages.

“I feel like as a flight attendant I should try and share some tips to help you travel by plane for the foreseeable future,” Kerbel wrote.

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Her post received over 15,000 responses and was shared over 73,000 times.

Kerbel is unapologetically and bluntly lays out tips for passengers to keep in mind:

  • “Things are not good ….. if it’s less than 7 hours – RIDE!”
  • “Download and use the app of the airline you’re flying with.”
  • “Fly MUCH earlier than you need to – a whole day early if that matters!!”
  • “ALWAYS take the first flight in the morning.”
  • “Plan for a long stop – your 1-hour stop is NOT enough anymore.”
  • “Avoid layovers in Newark (or any New York airport, for that matter).”
  • “Behave yourself. As mentioned above, we are overtired and tired. We won’t help you if you’re evil.”
  • “It’s a federal offense to be drunk on a plane, so don’t overdo it.”
  • “Get travel insurance if you have a lot of money.”
  • “Don’t be ‘that guy.’ Don’t delay landing because you have extensions open until they burst and you can’t figure out how to make them fit on top.”
  • “Take a shower, brush your teeth, don’t wear perfume, don’t eat smelly food.”
  • “Bring a sweater if you get cold often.”
  • “For heaven’s sake, wear slippers to the toilet!!!”
  • “Don’t tell flight attendants they look tired. We are tired and we know it. You can make us cry ugly right there in the galley.”

Airlines canceled more than 1,500 flights to the US last week in one of the worst days to travel due to the height of the summer holiday season.

And it came as airline executives held a virtual meeting with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, indicative of the Biden administration’s concern about the prospect of confusing airports and unhappy travelers this summer.

During the meeting, which was held via videoconference, Buttigieg asked the CEOs to describe the steps they are taking to keep things running smoothly over the July 4th holiday and through the rest of the summer, according to a person familiar with the call, but…


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