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‘What I hate about my tiny house’ resident reveals downsides of living in a tiny house

Are you tired of spending your weekends laying bricks in your big house and you can’t afford (or don’t want to) hire someone to clean it up? What if you chose to live in a tiny house? American YouTuber Jenna, the owner of one of these trendy houses, explains to us that it takes her only 20 minutes to do housework. In her videos, the girl discusses the advantages and disadvantages of living in a tiny house! She also gives some tips on how to get rid of excess and leave only the essentials…Here are Jenna’s tips and tricks to make life easier for you and your tiny house. Opening!

Problems and Solutions Jenna!

The peculiarity of tiny houses is that they have neither a veranda nor an entrance; in general, you enter directly into the living room. For Jenna, this entrance needs to be cleaned every time you return from a walk to save time… You should also teach your dog to wipe his paws before entering! For the toilets, Jenna chose composting toilets, which are not always easy to clean because they are not connected to running water… Her solution? makes her boyfriend and male friends pee while sitting… She also posted a guide to using the toilets so everyone understands the rules of HER toilets!

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There’s another daunting task for her: making the bed in her tiny house: space is limited, and putting on a sheet or duvet cover can be tricky. Jenna does not solve this problem, but we have HOPOLI, a French product that allows you to put a cover on a duvet in seconds! Jenna also thinks that smells can be a problem in a small house because they can quickly take up any space.

Pay attention to the weight of your furniture.

Always remember that your tiny house is mobile and is placed on a trailer. So we forget grandma and grandpa’s massive oak sideboard or the cast-iron wood-burning stove that weighs way too much! The floors are usually wooden and you should pay attention to the weight of the furniture you place on them. Number of clothes per person can be a problem too… In a tiny house, very few huge walk-in closets can hold the equivalent of a ready-to-wear store. If you choose to live in a tiny space, you’ll have to deal with Marie Kondo and clean up your closets!

Pay attention to current rules

We often remind you of this and have even dedicated a small file to tiny houses: before you install your little house on your land, you will need to check your municipality’s local urban plan. Each town hall is free…

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