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What’s new in lifestyle news? #6

Summer fragrance by Hermès
The freshness of the basil is now enhanced by Hermès cologne called purple basil water. Christine Nagel, director of creativity and olfactory heritage at Hermès Parfums, decided to combine the fragrances of the great green basil with those of purple basil in a “poetic approach that aims not to compose an objective purple basil fragrance, but rather to give it form. his image from the memories of this fragrance and the emotions that were then experienced. To replicate the color of this fragrant plant, the emblematic bottle of Hermès Eaux de Cologne is adorned with bright green.

The Hermès cologne collection is embellished with a new link called Purple basil water.


When jewelry is inspired by the Bible
Tiffany & Co teamed up with artist Kendrick Lamar to create a titanium crown of thorns set with approximately 8,000 diamonds totaling 137 carats. A true feat of craftsmanship, the design of this tiara with 50 studs required nearly 1,300 hours of work from the jewelers of the American house over the course of 10 months. This icon of Christianity is a powerful inspiration for singer Kendrick Lamar, who frequently references religion in his lyrics.


Tiffany & Co and Kendrick Lamar return to the crown of thorns, a strong symbol of the Christian religion.


Furniture designed to move
Maison Kitsuné, a French-Japanese fashion brand, has teamed up with Helinox, a South Korean specialist in high-end outdoor furniture, to create a collection of lightweight and foldable furniture inspired by military vehicles. Consisting of a chair, convertible bed, table and outdoor writing desk, this collection features the famous fox claw camouflage pattern, making it easy to blend in with nature. Combining comfort and mobility, all these products can be found in stores or on the Maison Kitsuné website.


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